The agency consists of the following five divisions: Naval Systems, Air Systems, Land Systems, Communication Information Systems and General Materiel. In addition we have a separate division until 2021 handling the procurement of the Norwegian fleet of F-35 fighter planes.

NDMA is the Department of Defence’s commercial and technical designated procurement and divestment authority. NDMA plans for the future and establishes projects to meet the needs of military defence strategies as well as other defence agencies. NDMA formulates the necessary regulatory framework, certifies, autho​rises and controls technical issues.

By managing internal resources, controlling costs and providing for the proper disposal of used materiel, a proper life cycle of goods and services is established. NDMA is making great strides in the further reduction of total ownership costs.

Greater international collaboration has played a key role for safety, ease of operation & training and greater value for on-going financial constraints.

Sharing advice and expertise with commercial partners within the agency's scope and responsibility has further enhanced NDMA’s ability to provide the framework for addressing unwanted deviations with the appropriate remediation, whether through sanctions or through greater internal controls.

The NDMA will manage a number of complex and important materiel projects in the next decade. Experienced military officers in combination with highly skilled civilians with expertise in different areas, such as engineering and business ensure good and efficient materiel procurement.

NDMA strives to further sustain and enhance the military’s performance, provide good value for what is technically available, increase safety for its’ personnel and facilitate operations while at the same time focusing on reducing overall ownership costs in this decade and in the decades to come.

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