Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) takes social responsib​ility seriously. It is important for us to set requirements for ourselves and our suppliers based on framework and regulations that apply to a public agency.

NDMA as part of the Norwegian defence sector contributes to defending Norwegian territory, population and interests. NDMAs core values are integrity, responsibility and respect. These values express what we stand for and reflect what our stakeholders expect from us. As a public agency we are also promoting certain universal values.

We have an important role in maintaining social responsibilities through our procurements. Because of these responsibilities we have a set of minimum requirements for our suppliers and industrial partners.

These requirements are specified in the tender documents, and is available on this site. They strive to balance our social responsibilities and the requirements regarding performance, quality, price and time of delivery.  NDMA will evaluate and set requirements regarding the environment in every procurement. These requirements will be customized for each agreement.

Our internal procedures and our contact with suppliers and the rest of the society is objective, factual and reliable. We abide by the ethical guidelines for contact with business and industry in the defence sector, which are developed by the Ministry of Defence.

These guidelines emphasize a good and professional cooperation with the private sector, and it's important that the terms of cooperation are within a proper ethical context.